Troy United Soccer Club

 About TUSC Tryouts & Kick Arounds

 TUSC holds annual tryouts and kick arounds in May & June every year to form teams for the upcoming soccer year.  All players are invited to attend the tryouts and kickarounds regardless of prior soccer playing experience.

TUSC is one of the lowest cost competitive club programs in the region.  Even so, the club is overseen by Technical Director Daniel Olstad, a former New York Red Bulls Regional Development School (RDS) staff member, as well as a fully professionally licensed coaching and training staff.  TUSC is a small club in size, which allows all players to benefit from high level coaching, not just the “elite” player.  We are able to give personal attention to all of our players and families, and have a true club mentality.  Our teams, coaches, players and parents, work together to build an environment that allows our players, the children, to have fun and be successful. Our philosophy is centered around building strong individual players who are creative, comfortable and confident with the soccer ball.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our tryouts and kick arounds.

How do I register my child for the tryout or kick around?

To register your child click the register button to the right or in the top right corner of the screen.  You will be prompted to either login to your existing account or to create one for yourself and your child or children.  After you login and or set up your account select 2014/2015 Competitive from the program list and complete registration.  There is no tryout fee.

What age group does my child fall into?

Please look at the Age Matrix for the upcoming season here.

What is the difference between a tryout and a kick around?

Simply put, our kick arounds are for all interested players that fall in the U8 and U9 age groups.  We invite all players at these ages to participate on our teams if they would like.  There is no tryout process for these age groups.  We just ask that you and your child come to the kick around to show your interest in join TUSC.

Our tryouts, on the other hand, are for all age groups U10 and up.  The tryouts are mandatory for all players to be considered for a place on our teams.  The tryout process is two(2) sessions that last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Players are assessed on individual (technical) skill, game (tactical) understanding, and overall effort.  Players are placed on teams based on overall ability, attitude, and commitment.

My child plays an age group up, how do I make sure they tryout with that age group?

When you register for the tryouts you will be given the age group your child is eligible for based on our registration system.  If you would like your child to tryout for a different age group, after completing the registration, email Daniel Olstad at and request the change.  If it is ok'd these change will be done manually by our staff, and you will be informed of your child's proper tryout date.

How do I know if my child made the team?

You will receive an email between 3-5 days after the tryout for your child's age group is over to tell you whether or not your child has been offered a spot on the team.

Although TUSC makes every effort to place players on teams, sometimes this is not possible due to roster limitations and player numbers. In such circumstances, TUSC is committed to being a resource for any player looking for a team.

For more information or questions please contact Daniel Olstad at or 631-745-9286